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10 minutes a day® Series

Learn a new language quickly and easily!  This book and language learning software combines exercises, games and reviews.  You'll be reading, writing, hearing, speaking and playing with the language.  Also includes 150 Sticky Labels, Flash Cards and a Cut-Out Menu Guide.   Details and demos here

10 minutes a day® AUDIO CD Series  (Book and Audio Program)

Take your speaking abilities to the next level!  Let personal tutors guide you through eight hours of comprehensive audio instruction.  Download this program onto your MP3 player and learn on the go or use it with the companion 10 minutes a day® book to maximize your progress.   Details and demos here

Language Map® Series

When you need to find the right words quickly, this clever language guide is your answer.  It's easy-to-use, ultra-thin, light-weight and laminated.  Take it everywhere you go and your travel needs are covered.   Details and demos here

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